Essense of Australia expands into Personal Protective Equipment

Martine and Wayne Harris, owners of Essense of Australia, have expanded their business to help meet the global demand for face masks. We talk to the duo to find out more.
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Give us an overview of Verasano – what is the product, what it’s unique selling points?

Just like our bridal business, Verasano offers quality, reliable and certified product that has undergone stringent testing by a third-party Quality Control company. Our products meet a range of international standards and regulations and, unlike many other suppliers, our face masks are available for purchase now and ready to ship from our U.S. and U.K. warehouses.
We have both blue and white masks available for purchase. Blue masks are traditionally used in medical settings, and since we are a bridal company at heart, we wanted to provide a white option as well.

What were the key drivers for you in setting up Verasano?

Our passion goes beyond bridal. We have nearly 350 employees across the globe and believe we must do our part as responsible global citizens to take care of the communities where we live and work.
With the onset of the COVID pandemic, we wanted to do our part to make an immediate impact within our communities. We recognized we were in a unique position to leverage our global expertise and supply chain to help create Personal Protective Equipment and launched a new company, Verasano, to source and sell disposable face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help keep our communities and brides safe.
The name is inspired by the Latin words, “vera” meaning true and “sano” meaning health.

How did your background in bridal impact the development of Verasano?

What qualifies us to source PPE materials are the strong relationships we’ve built with our reputable factories across the world. This coupled with our sophisticated supply chain and quality control measures allow us to procure millions of medical grade masks and other PPE.

What’s the feedback been like for Verasano?

Our customers love the quality of our masks and the convenience of them being readily available to ship from our US and UK warehouses within days. Additionally, the fact that we can provide medical-grade masks in bulk is a huge benefit right now where global supply is limited. We’re proud to be able to source and supply high-quality, medical grade masks to the communities in which we live and work.

Can stores buy Verasano masks? If yes, how can they purchase them?

Yes! Stores are able to purchase masks directly from us to support their reopening efforts. We are also selling masks directly to the public via the verasano.co.uk direct-to-consumer website and creating wholesale partnerships for bulk orders to service hospitals and other large-scale organizations in need. Stores wishing to purchase masks should email sales@verasano.com.
Additionally, each of our retailers in the UK was sent a gift of 100 Verasano disposable face masks to help keep staff and brides safe and comfortable during their bridal experience.

A final word from Martine & Wayne

“At the end of the day, our mission is to create a safer and better world for our loved ones. It’s our global responsibility to leverage our expertise, our supply chain and resources in a new and innovative way to do just that.”